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How do I start a new game?
For most games, click the + icon in the top right of the menu to start a new game.

How do I change the theme?
Click the painters palette icon in the menu bar, then choose a different theme.

How do I change the difficulty?
For any games with difficulty settings, click the cog (settings) icon in the menu. Then change the difficulty using the buttons here. You may need to start a new game (by clicking +) to see the difficulty applied.

Can I transfer statistics/scores to other devices
Not yet. The app is designed to be totally isolated. Entirely offline, with no security or data concerns. This way it can be 100% safe and inclusive for all. Sharing games would traditionally either require downloading files to the device or uploading share data to the internet. I do have a concept for a cheeky way of copying the save data and re-importing it on the other side but it’s tricky, especially as more and more games are added. If there’s a demand for it, I’ll build it. Email [email protected] if you want me to add it!

Game Specific Help

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