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In March 2022, I did a single evening of work, auditing a medium sized software business’ AWS cloud solutions. In that 3/4 hour period, I saved them $45,000/year in recurring costs (1/5th of their spend).

I can do that for your business. See the case study

Certified AWS Solutions Architect

With 15 years commercial experience in building websites and apps, I’ve had to build my own server solutions (and later cloud solutions) to keep them running smoothly and cost-effectively.

In recent years, my focus has fine-tuned on AWS, delivering solutions for Sage and Epos Now in my primary roles and many other businesses as a consultant.

To boost my knowledge and assert myself further, I’ve studied for and passed the AWS Cloud Practitioner and AWS Solutions Architect official certifications.


Cloud services can cost a fortune, if not optimised well. Knowing how to build for budgets can be difficult but with the right know how, you can save a fortune, quickly.


For many businesses, if your services aren’t working, you’re losing money, quickly.

Knowing how to build decoupled, reliable, scalable services is critical to a business’ cloud success.


Every year, Internet security becomes more and more critical. Knowing how to keep your applications secure in the cloud is an ever evolving, ever learning process but, I can help.

How I can help you

If you have an AWS account (or accounts) and want to fully optimise them for cost, security, reliability, operational excellence or availability, I am your guy.

Open to freelance, permanent, in-house and remote technical architect opportunities.

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