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Ludo, the classic game from your childhood, is back on your mobile or tablet device. Play 1 player against the computer or with up to 3 friends all on one device, totally offline. Ludo is fast paced and incredibly frustrating when you are returned to base right before the end but so satisfying when you get your revenge.

How to play Ludo:

Choose who is playing, then press Start New Game. When it’s your turn, press the dice to roll it. Roll a 6 and you can free a piece from the home base. Optionally you can enable rolling a 1 to allow you to free a piece from base too. Move your pieces all around the board and into the final straight, the strip with your colour on. Land exactly on the last square (where the dice is) with all 4 pieces to win.

How can I make this easier “for the kids”?

In the settings menu, enable “1 or a 6” to allow both 1s and 6s to free your piece from base. This can make the game a little quicker and easier.

I like pain, how can I make it harder?

Enable hard mode when playing against the computer, makes the computer players aggressive against humans. Good fun!

Ludo is part of Higgster’s Games Compendium available for free, with no adverts or extra-charges.