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People are impatient. We’re used to information on demand, a culture driven by Netflix, Uber, Deliveroo, where whatever you want, you get immediately. Our expectations of speed are higher than they have ever been. So why is your website slow?

53% of mobile website visitors will leave if a webpage doesn’t load within three seconds

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What I do

As a highly-experienced web software architect, I’ll run free scans on your website and provide reports to you with full transparency. These will highlight where your site can be optimised further to improve performance. All explained as simply as possible, with little jargon.


As your site becomes faster and faster, search engines will also start to rank your pages higher, especially after the updated Google search algorithm launch in May, which will prioritise fast, secure websites over their competition.

But my site is fast enough…

Are you sure? Go to the Google PageSpeed Insights tool and enter your website for a quick test. The target for desktop should be 90%+ and on mobile 80%+.

Where to start?

Get in touch for your free website audit. I will report on your website’s security and performance for free, including recommended actions to make your site the fastest and most secure it can be.

For more detailed audits, including server infrastructure review, accessibility checks, GDPR and PCI compliance reports, just ask!

All external reports provided for free. No hidden costs, recurring fees or nonsense. Total transparency and control.