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QuickSearch is a lightning fast wordsearch game where players have to find 5 words in 30 seconds. Sound easy? Well you’d be wrong. Words can be vertical, horizontal or diagonals but also in reverse. Oh and to make it even harder, the remaining letters can be set to use only the pool of letters from the 5 words making it not just fast but incredibly tricky!

How to play QuickSearch:

Start a new game, quickly glance over the word list, scan for them on the board then touch the first and last letter to mark that word as found. You have 30 seconds, so be quick!

Help! It’s too hard!

Yep. However, you can make it easier if you wish by either changing the time to 60 seconds or removing the time requirement entirely in the settings menu.

I like pain, how can I make it harder?

By default, the words are only placed from left to right, top to bottom or top-left to bottom-right. Enable “reverse words” and they’ll also be placed backwards. To top it off, enable “use letter pool” in the settings to fill the remaining letters on the board with only letters from the word list.

QuickSearch is part of Higgster’s Games Compendium available for free, with no adverts or extra-charges.