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The classic number puzzle, Sudoku. Fill in a 9×9 grid of numbers, so that each row, column and each 3×3 grid has the numbers 1-9 in with no duplicates.

For addiotional challenge, one that warps your brain, swap the number for emoji. Same game but requires a different logic approach.

With 3 difficulty settings, timers, statistics and unlimited games, this Sudoku game will provide endless gameplay!

How to play Sudoku:

Click on a tile to reveal it. If it’s a mine, game over. If not, the number of adjacent mines will show. Use this to work out where the mines are and with a bit of skill, luck and determination, you can clear the game.

Toggle the flag icon in the bottom left to mark tiles as “flagged bombs”. Flag all bombs or clear all non-bomb spaces to win.

Help! It’s too hard!

You can change the difficulty settings in the options menu. You can also use the hints button at the bottom right to reveal a square’s correct number.

I like pain, how can I make it harder?

If hard mode is still not enough of a challenge. Why not enable emoji mode, replacing the numbers with emoji? Makes it trickier to remember all the squares and a bit more fun toi look at!

I still need help!

How to Master Sudoku

Sudoku is part of Higgster’s Games Compendium available for free, with no adverts or extra-charges.