What is Puzzword?

A simple, free-forever, offline Wordle like game (which in turn is a clone of the game from the 80s TV Show, Lingo) for Android devices.

You have 6 guesses at a 5 letter word.

Each guess will have results, showing which letters are correct, incorrect or correct but in the wrong place.

You can play as long as you want, with no adverts or time limits. You can also refresh the game at any time. There are no offensive words, so this is suitable for all ages.

How to Play

Enter a 5 letter word (British English), using the on-screen keyboard.

Correct letters will be shown green, with a solid black border.

Correct letters that are in the wrong place, will be in yellow with a dashed border.

Incorrect letters will be shown in dark grey and disabled from future use.

Guess correctly in 6 turns to win!


  • 1000 British English words (others soon to come)
  • Game statistics and win streaks
  • Can hide keys that are incorrect, to make guessing easier
  • Can enable “nonsense mode”, which allows you to enter non-dictionary words to decipher what letters are available. Note the actual word will be a real word.
  • Accessibility mode as standard (feedback welcome for improvements)
  • Entirely free, no advertisements nor subscriptions
  • No tracking of personal identifiable data, whatsoever. This game is free to play, safe and private.

Available on the  Google Play Store for free!