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Minesweeper is a classic computer game that tasks players with clearing a grid while avoiding hidden mines. The grid is divided into cells, some of which contain mines. The objective is to uncover all non-mine cells without detonating any mines. Each uncovered cell reveals a number indicating the count of adjacent mines, aiding players in identifying safe spots. The game requires strategic thinking and deduction, as players must logically deduce mine placements based on the revealed numbers. It combines luck with critical thinking, offering an addictive challenge as players navigate the minefield to victory.

How to play Minesweeper:

Click on a tile to reveal it. If it’s a mine, game over. If not, the number of adjacent mines will show. Use this to work out where the mines are and with a bit of skill, luck and determination, you can clear the game.

Toggle the flag icon in the bottom left to mark tiles as “flagged bombs”. Flag all bombs or clear all non-bomb spaces to win.

Help! It’s too hard!

You can change the difficulty settings in the options menu and also change the size of the board too!

I like pain, how can I make it harder?

Make it hard and the board as big as your device can handle. Large boards on hard, are fiendishly difficult and you will need a bit of luck to complete it!

I still need help!

Read How to Play Minesweeper

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