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Great to play with a partner when travelling. I play this with my wife regularly. 1 or 2 player modes of the strategic board game, Reversi (Othello). Turn the opponents pieces to your colour by placing yours either side and finish the game with more of your pieces to win.

Against the computer, Easy and Medium difficulties start off friendly but Hard can be fiendish. (I will work on a “very hard” mode if enough people request it!)

Saved games, statistics for 1p matches and a minimal, clean interface.

How to play Reversi:

Click on a square to place your piece. You can only place your piece on a square that would create a line of your piece on one end, the opponents piece(s) in the middle and your new piece on the other end, horizontally, vertically or diagonally. (These spaces are marked with a dotted circle with a plus in the centre. This flips any opponent’s pieces trapped between yours. The aim is to have more pieces on the board at the end of the game than your opponent.

Help! It’s too hard!

You can change the difficulty settings in the options menu!

I still need help!

How to play Reversi

Reversi is part of Higgster’s Games Compendium available for free, with no adverts or extra-charges.