What is Higglets?

A simple to learn but difficult to master puzzle game for Android inspired by the Lights Out hand held game from the 90s.

The lovably green Higglets have been infected and need to have the virus removed.

Click on the Higglet to remove the virus but remember, this will “cure” the higglets above, below and either side of the one you’re curing.

Curing a non-infected Higglet will infect it, so be careful!

How to Play

Click on a Higglet to cure it and those close by. Cure all the Higglets to win the level.

As the levels progress, so does the difficulty, with highly infected Higglets requiring more treatment than others.

Small boards, big boards, a campaign and a random game generator mode means Higglets is endless fun.


  • Forever free Android (and iOS) game for all ages.
  • Campaign with 100 levels over 10 stages
  • Some Higglets need up to 8 treatments
  • Random generator mode
  • No adverts
  • No personal data