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Element Crush is an exciting, fast-paced race against the clock to crush as many elements as possible. Crush elements by touching on those in groups of 3 or more.

How to play Element Crush:

Touch any element that is part of a group or three or more next to each other, either to the side or above and below to remove them all. The bigger the group, the higher the score will be. Crushing large groups adds a time bonus too!

Every 15,000 points you will be awarded a bomb. Click the bomb icon, then on any square in the game to blow up a large area. Useful for clearing awkward combinations quickly.

Every 25,000 points, you will be awarded a spell. Click the spell icon then on any element to remove all of the elements of this type/colour from the whole board. Great for building up huge scores.

At first there are only 4 elements but as the game progresses a 5th and 6th element is added, making the game fiendishly difficult towards the end.

What will your highscore be?

Element Crush is part of Higgster’s Games Compendium available for free, with no adverts.