Why a website’s speed matters more than ever before

It’s 2021 and more business than ever before is done online. Your TV, movies, music, taxis, food and pretty much all you could need are at the touch of a button, on demand.

People expect everything, immediately. Next day delivery was deemed insufficient, so Amazon started offering same-day delivery. Google Maps and Waze trim that extra couple minutes from your journey. Deliveroo allows us to re-order the same food as last time, in a few clicks.

How to stay safe on the Internet

We use the Internet for everything. We pay our bills, manage our bank accounts, do our weekly shop, buy furniture, place bets, share private photos and send messages to our loved ones, all online. 

Preying on this, more and more hackers are targeting our accounts for criminal purposes.  As someone who works with online security, I’m asked all the time how to stay safe, so here’s my quick start guide to how to stay safe on the Internet.