AWS Solutions Architect Associate Cheat Sheet [SAA-C02]

In January 2022, I passed the AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification and there are a lot of topics to cover. I used a combination of Stephane Maarek’s course and Practice Exams on Udemy, with my own notes and experience using AWS and other cloud (or even physical) server architecture.

As I progressed, I devised a cheat sheet for my own personal use, which helped me in the run up to the exam, so I thought I would share below, in case it is useful for others attempting the certification.

My advice:

  1. Follow Stephane Maarek’s Udemy course and take your own notes as you go.
  2. Take as many updated Practice Exams as you can. There are often freebies on AWS directly too.
  3. Make your own cheat-sheet or start from / copy mine.

Any feedback, always welcome in the comments, anything I can add / update. Let me know.

Hope this helps,


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