Fast, high quality, low cost. Don't settle for two

I specialise in software consultancy on a permanent or a freelance basis. The focus for me is to be working with great people on innovative solutions, to make a difference in their space.

My most valuable attribute, is the ability to deliver high quality development work, incredibly efficiently. So why settle for the old rule of picking 2 out of the 3, from speed, quality and cost?

What I can do

If you need someone to lead the rebuild of an in-house eCommerce platform or to architect a new physical or cloud based server solution.

Maybe you have a small business website or app requirement and need someone to “just sort it out” in a few weeks. Perhaps you are presented with an enterprise level challenge that needs some leadership, let me know.

Technical and solution architecture

As a technical architect, I love taking a challenge, working with clients and product owners and turning it into an opportunity.

Web, app and software development

I have been involved in all aspects of digital projects, as a software engineer with over 12 years experience.