My work for Ashfield was mostly private as it is usually for healthcare clients. However, upon request I can detail at length, an array of truly exciting and innovative projects across digital including 3D interactive educational apps built with TypeScript & ThreeJS, large patient ecosystems, patient management dashboards, PWAs, websites, Alexa Skills, IoT and VR.  Examples available upon request.

Tech Used:
PHP, HTML, CSS, SASS, Ionic, Angular, AngularJS, JavaScript/TypeScript, Laravel, WordPress, VueJS.
Servers / DevOps: Bitbucket Pipelines automated testing & deployments
AWS: EB, S3, RDS, EC2. 
Other: Veeva (fully certified)
Roles/Hats: Technical Consultant, Developer, DevOps Engineer, Solutions Architect

Sony PlayStation Gear

In 2016-2017, I lead a team of developers to build the official eCommerce for Sony PlayStation Europe. Built in under 8 weeks, the platform handles multiple languages, locales, currencies, warehouse stock management across Europe and a whole host of more complex backend functionality.

Full case study.

Sony PlayStation Gear Website Development

Royal Ascot Ticketing

In 2015, I planned, developed & launched 2 ticketing platforms for Ascot, built in tandem. The platforms took staggering sales totals, doubling the previous year’s takings.

Full case study.

Ascot Racecourse

Manchester Pride – OUT!

Pride asked us to build an interactive map, documenting the Manchester Pride walking trails and “rainbow flag” tiles around Manchester. Developed in AngularJS by myself from start to completion, with real-time directions, custom pins, trails and user generated content. 

I then presented this in person to the LGBTQ+ community and the Lord Mayor, at St. Peter’s Library in 2016.

Tech used:
PHP, Laravel, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, AngularJS.
Dedicated single server solution with linux, apache2, MySQL etc. 

Manchester Pride - OUT! Web Platform Development


I love to set myself speed challenges. To deliver something new from concept to launch, as quick as possible. In 2016, I set out to build an app over a weekend. Higglets was born.

Higglets, is based on the classic game, “Lights Out” but with a twist. Instead of just on/off, the Higglets have multiple levels of “infection”. Clicking on an infected Higglet, lowers its virus level and those to the side / above. Curing a Higglet that isn’t infected however, resets it to the maximum level. 

Not currently on the app stores as I stopped maintaining but available as an APK if anyone wants to play, just ask!

Tech used: Ionic, AngularJS, HTML, CSS. 
Format: iOS (iPhones & iPads) & Android (phones and tablets)
Time to build: < 20 working hours.