12 years experience across so many areas within the industry, I thought it useful to list, to support future opportunities. If I’m missing one, feel free to ask, as I may have left it out! 

I count myself as a polyglot software engineer / developer. I switch languages and frameworks rapidly taking across my experience in clean code and software architecture and applying them to new tech stacks.

Development languages (expert).

PHP, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS. 

Development frameworks & libraries.

Laravel, Symfony, WordPress, Angular / AngularJS, Ionic, VueJS, Bootstrap, jQuery and more.

Additonal development skills.

(Some Experience) Java, .NET, IIS / Windows server setup and maintenance.

Technology planning & architecture.

Project kick off facilitation, technical ideation and planning, technical consultancy, technical specifications, functional specifications, ERDs, UMLs etc.

Hosting & DevOps.

Architecture of secure, efficient and reliable server solutions, then full hands on setup on Linux dedicated / physical hardware and in the cloud via AWS. Creation and management of automated deployment via Jenkins (years ago) and more recently, Bitbucket Pipelines. TDD, BDD and various testing, over the years.

Personal skills.

Not just technical but great with clients and public facing roles, such as pitch support, presentations, client workshops and demo facilitation. 

Project management.

SCRUM Certified. Experience with Waterfall, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, XP and when to use each or elements of each to suit the project deliverables.